Helios Nephrite

  • Helios Nephrite is intended for medium to large sized companies,
  • it was created as an open system which uses object orieted client technology along with a robust relational environment server in order to attain a higher level of flixibility. This enables system growth both in mass as well as in analytical capabilities along with the development of the user, and this way ensures maximum use of the investment in the acquired IS.
  • in view of the flexibility of the system Helios Nephrite, it is possible to adapt individual components of the system according to customer requirements, or if necessary to create new ones covering the specific customer activities. Part of the delivery of the system is a guarantee of ensuring accordance with valid legislation, and providing upgrades for new technology (servers, networks, operating systems).
  • the system supports as standard all modern technology for data access (remote access, export-import, replication, Internet, Intranet),
  • from the viewpoint of the openness, the system is a unique development platform of Helios Nephrite Open, which was built on its base
    • other development companies may develop other specialised applications and integrate them directly into the systém,
    • contains a development kernel including its own CASE,
    • the amount of above standard solutions is practically unlimited.

Vybrané reference Helios Green