The following contact persons will be happy to answer all your questions :

Klára Hrůzovásales
Hana Jirsováaccounting dept.hana.jirsova@istnet.czHelios iNuvio
Dagmara Bystřickásupportdagmar.bystricka@istnet.czHelios iNuvio
Ing. Zdeňka Vyletovásupportzdenka.vyletova@istnet.czHelios iNuvio
Ing. Vladimír Kolářsupport and developmentvladimir.kolar@istnet.czHelios Nephrite
Ing. Jiří Kraftsupport and developmentjiri.kraft@istnet.czHelios Nephrite
Ing. Václav Rašplsupport and developmentvaclav.raspl@istnet.czHelios iNuvio

Central phone – hot line : +420 377 225 200

e-mail :